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Nov. 19, 2012 – Louis from Ottawa
We cooked the rib roast this week end. It was amazing. Tender, juicy, flavourful. We also cooked a big batch of chili with the ground beef. Excellent quality. Lean and juicy at the same time. I will be a return customer next year for sure. We also ate some of the complimentary eggs, delicious as well!

Dec. 4 2012 – Pam Orchard from London (my sister)
Had ground beef, a steak and a roast. Not all at the same time. Bought the book ” Tender Grass Fed Meat” by Stanley A. Fishman and followed his advice for both the steak and the roast. Steak was awesome. I overcooked the roast a bit, but it was still tender and great flavor. Enjoying my beef 🙂

Dec. 13 2012 – Margaret vanderWerf, Ottawa
I wanted to let you know we are enjoying the beef very much.  We made a crock pot roast that was delicious. I also used the beef for a meatloaf recipe and it was very tasty.  The meat is very lean so it is not necessary to drain any fat off.
Thanks a lot Rudy.  Well done.

Feb. 18 2013 –  Roger from Ottawa
We had the Prime Rib for Christmas dinner a few months back. It was delicious

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