Thanks for your support

I am sold out of beef for this year. Thanks to all the retail shoppers at the Main Market in Ottawa and thanks to those who ordered wholesale for November delivery. If you are interested in ordering for next fall contact me and I will put you on the mailing list. I will start taking orders in early spring for November delivery. If you want to try the beef this winter also contact me. I am delivering on a monthly basis into Ottawa. You can also pick up at the farm.
Visit this website or my Facebook page  “” for occasional updates.
DSCF5100 The cows are enjoying their last day on grass and will be on the truck to the butcher at 6 tomorrow morning.

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One Response to Thanks for your support

  1. Leslie says:


    Tried your beef for the first time tonight — a “Round Steak Roast” and it was fabulous!
    Much more flavourful than the beef at the grocery store and very tender too.
    Our daughter (14yrs) said it was the best beef she’s ever tasted and steak has always been one of her favourite meals.

    We enjoyed some of your potatoes roasted alongside the roast and they were very good as well. They were a little drier than varieties we are used to, but very good nonetheless. I put aside the larger ones for baking potatoes, should be delicious with a little butter!

    Glad to have found you, I’m sure we’ll be coming back next year!


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