Retail Beef

  • We deliver into Ottawa and Kemptville usually on a weekly basis.
  • Inventory and Price List
    Eye of Round Roast $10.50 per lb. about 3 lb.
    Outside Round Roast(Rump)$10.50 per lb. about 3 lb.
    Inside Round Roast $10.50 per lb. about 3 lb.
    Cross Rib Steak $10.50 per lb.Round Steak $10.50 per lb.
    Blade Steak $10.50 per lb
    Prime Rib Steak $15 per lb.
    Sirloin Tip Steak $11 per lb.
    Sirloin Steak $12.50 per lb.
    T-bone Steak $15.00 per lb. one package
    Strip Loin(New York) $14 per lb.
    Skirt Steak $11 per lb.
    Flank Steak $13 per lb.
    Flat Iron Steak $13 per lb.
  • Miscellaneous

    Ground Beef $8.50 per lb. about 1 lb. packages
    Stew Beef $8.50 per lb. about 1 lb. packages
    Beef Bones $3.00 per lb.

    Organic Eggs $6 per dozen

  •  to get on the email list or ask a question send an email to “”
    phone 613-275-0402

5 Responses to Retail Beef

  1. Nicole says:

    Do you have a price list?
    Thank you!

  2. France Beauregard says:

    Will you be at the market (museum of Nature) tomorrow ?


  3. Anu Bose says:

    Good afternoon Mr. Braveman:
    I came by your stall and got your card. I am interested in buying grassfed beef from you. 1. There is a steak my husband likes which has no bone-we are not big eater so 2 lbs. cut into 1 lb portions would be perfect. I think it is called sirloin.
    2. 2 1lb packages of ground steak-the potroast steak quality (your grund meat may be that already).

    I will call you to see what else you have and make an order which I can pick up from whereever you are planning to be-Westboro or Main.

    Best regards

  4. Tasha says:

    Hi There,

    I live in Smiths Falls and I’m looking to purchase some of your beef. Do you have any available now to purchase? If so, can you provide pricing and can I pick up?

    If not, how do I get on your fall order list?

    Thank you


  5. Alice Muller says:

    We are the parents of Barbara, you deliver the eggs to our place.
    Next time can you bring some marrow bones and one flank steak ?
    Thank you,

    Alice muller

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